UT Fall 2011 Semester Event Schedule Preview

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After a highly successful first year, Texas e-Sports Association looks forward to shattering previous records of success and ushering in the most exciting e-sports environment in the nation. The 2011-2012 school year is upon us and along with it a thrilling schedule of events! Without further adieu, here is a look at what we have planned for the coming semester.

Public StarCraft II Showmatch

Date: September 6th (tentative)

Before our first meeting, we will be hosting a day of public StarCraft II showmatches which will be livecasted live in front of Gregory Gym where students will challenge members of our Collegiate StarLeague (CSL) team. The goal of this event is to raise awareness of our first meeting, create excitement for competitive gaming and the upcoming CSL season at the University, and to share our passion of gaming with fellow students. Every person to sign up to join TeSPA will be entered into a raffle at our first meeting. Also, prizes will be on hand for anyone who can beat our CSL members!

Everything LAN

Date: September 10th

We will kick off the semester by bringing together new and old members alike at this LAN event. This event will feature all of the normal LAN activities including PC and console gaming. In addition, we will be hosting a League of Legends tournament, in which teams of five will compete throughout the day in a bracket to determine the most well-rounded, innovative, and solid team. We will also be hosting a 1v1 and 2v2 ‘King-of-the-Hill’ event for StarCraft II. Thanks to the generous support of Justin.tv, food and drinks will be provided for all participants as welll as prizes for the winners of our League of Legends tournament!

In an effort to ensure we are able to provide for all participants, please sign up here if you are intend on attending.

CSL and IvyLoL Kickoff Party

Date: September 24th

Texas e-Sports Association is extremely proud to be the official host of the University of Texas Collegiate StarLeague and IvyLoL teams. Collegiate StarLeague is a competitive StarCraft II league which includes 140 universities in the United States and Canada. This season, the University of Texas at Austin will be battling it out with other universities weekly to dominate the Leviathan division and secure a playoff spot at the conclusion of the season. Likewise, IvyLoL is a competitive university league for the DOTA-style game League of Legends. Although it is the inaugural season for the league, we have high hopes for our team! This event will officially kickoff each season, where our starting lineups will be announced and team jerseys will be distributed.

Midnight Madness Gaming Lock-In

Date: October 8th

This event will be our largest non-tournament LAN event of the year! Unlike other LANs, this event will be an all-night lock-in at an off-campus location. Throughout the night, members will not only participate in the usual LAN activities, but will also partake in karaoke, contests, and real-life games to keep the evening exciting. Of course, food and drinks will be on hand for members to replenish energy and maintain focus on what’s important – gaming! Closer to the event, we will announce a few other surprises we have in store as well.

TeSPA StarCraft II Open

Date: November 12th (tentative)

Texas e-Sports Association is known in gaming communities across the state for our unforgetable and amazingly well-run StarCraft II tournaments. During the spring semester, our tournament hosted over one-hundred players from 13 universities who fought through a nail-biting bracket for a $1500 prizepool. Over one hundred additional people came out to spectate the event in addition to the 12,500 who tuned in to watch our high-quality livestream of the event online. This year, we aim to up the stakes even more, improving the venue and bringing in more passionate gamers from across the state.


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