TeSPA & Star Nation BarCraft Roundup

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TeSPA & Star Nation BarCraft Roundup
by Richard Sodachanh // September 6, 2011

Combining two of my favorite things in life: Beer and Starcraft; Austin’s first Barcraft event is just a signifier in a storm that is taking over bars across the nation. It’s an amazing spectacle to see patrons and e-sports fans alike enjoying Starcraft 2 in a setting usually reserved for football games and pitchers of lager. With the help of Star Nation producer, Andrew Lee, Texas E-Sports Association hosted its inaugural Barcraft event at Franks in downtown Austin.

People slowly trickled into Franks on a Sunday afternoon, as the matches of the MLG Raleigh finals were coming to a start. This crowd of people quickly became a mass of Austinites, students, and Starcraft 2 fans.

It was not uncommon to see people wearing shirts depicting their Starcraft 2 race insignias, and I even saw a family of Starcraft 2 fans that were genuinely excited to watch the nail biting mirror match-up between Slayers_Coca and coLMVP_DongRaeGu. This volatile matchup had the audience at Franks in an uproar of clapping and yelling over intense baneling detonations and clutch fungal growths on both sides. It was an eye-opening experience to be in a crowd of people, especially in a bar setting and rooting for your favorite players to win, or to experience the loss of your favorite and empathizing with others around you.

With over one hundred and thirty people attending Franks on Sunday, the energy level became ecstatic once the grand finals came around.


It was an amazing experience to be able to enjoy Starcraft 2 and the MLG Raleigh finals with other devoted e-sports fans and it gives me the utmost pleasure to announce that this is only one of the many barcraft events that will be hosted in Austin. Everything is bigger in Texas, and that includes Starcraft! Big thanks and shout-outs to the producers of Star Nation, a Starcraft 2 documentary, that will show footage from MLGs across the nation and the GSL in South Korea. I would also like to thank the owners of Franks for being so kind and letting us host our first Barcraft event at their venue!

Written By: Richard Sodachanh


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