UT Student Zifeng “hellokitty” Wang Joins Fnatic

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It’s no secret that the University of Texas has quite a few great gamers. We can officially add another to the ranks, now that Zifeng Wang, better known as hellokitty, has officially signed with European Starcraft 2 team, Fnatic. When reached for comment, he replied that he was “just looking forward” and “glad a team like fnatic is able to recognize my talent as an NA player; most EU teams would never come to NA to scout talents.” He hopes to show good results coming soon.

The general manager Elroy Pinto had this to say about the signing: “I am pretty pumped about having Zifeng with us, he’s definitely going to be one of the stars of the future and he has displayed all the required skills (aside from playing macro games!) to be a competitive gamer. We’re glad he has chosen to continue his career with us and we have no doubt that he’s going to be a player to watch out for. I will try and steer away from the generic statements us managers tend to make at such news posts. Let’s look at the results in the future months to know if we were right today. A special thanks to our sponsors – SteelSeries, MSI, EIZO & Twitch for their continued support!”

For more info on the signing, you can go here to check out Fnatic’s blog post about the signing, with more comments by hellokitty. If you want more on hellokitty, he’s pretty regular on twitter, and also runs a Twitch stream as well. TeSPA wishes him the best of luck.

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