Collegiate StarCraft Players Share Wisdom at MLG Anaheim

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The Major League Gaming Spring Championship in Anaheim, California is well underway and the open bracket for StarCraft and once again our favorite collegiate players are being given a chance to test their mettle against one another in the grand arena.

As usual, TeSPA has a strong showing in this year’s audience. Good guys Evil Geniuses Suppy and Fnatic HelloKitty (for both of whom Anaheim has been a breakout event in the past) took the time to speak to TeSPA about the importance of the esports organizations on their respective campuses. Balancing academics and gaming, engaging with your community, and feeding off of the support of your peers were all topics that came up in both interviews.

Enthusiastic crowd at MLG Spring Championship

When fielding questions regarding balancing academics and gaming, Suppy said, “[School] makes me value my practice a lot more. I focus a lot more.” Similarly, HelloKitty decided to enlighten us all by pointing out that “esports for me is more or less a hobby. You can’t put a hobby over school work, that’s the most important part of being a student.”

EG.Suppy at MLG Anaheim

EG.Suppy at MLG Anaheim

There was general praise for their respective gaming communitites. HelloKitty, a member of TeSPA at UT Austin, praised the work done by the organization, “makes you feel good for who you are.” Suppy, who attends UC Berkeley, showed love for the esports community at his alma mater by saying, “It’s a lot of people who share your same interests and a lot of people you can connect with. That’s what’s really rewarding about being a part of your school’s club or running community events.”

But the greatest emotion for both players came across in their love of the support they get from their communities. “TeSPA members really help motivate me. They always support me and cheer me on during tournaments,” said HelloKitty. “[My] collegiate community has impacted me a lot. It encouraged me to get involved.” was Suppy’s commentary on the subject.

Lastly, they both had suggestions for the community. Suppy’s suggestion was “[G]et involved. Everyone can make a valuable contribution.” HelloKitty wanted to make sure that people followed their dreams by saying “If you have the heart and the talent, go for it!”

Fnatic.Hellokitty at MLG Anaheim

Fnatic.Hellokitty at MLG Anaheim

It’s patently obvious to anyone who watches these amazing players that their skills go above and beyond simple practice. Their natural skill, academic and professional discipline, and the love they feel from their local communities push them to the next level of collegiate esports.

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