Words with Hometown Hero Polt after his victory at MLG Anaheim

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If you’ve been outside since last night I’ve sure you’ve heard the unrelenting fanfare and fervent celebrations of our nation’s commonfolk. Rejoice, for the whispers in the street and rumors in the air are true: Polt has won the Major League Gaming Spring Championship in Anaheim, California!

The climactic end to an amazing event that drew a record breaking tens of thousands of in person viewers and hundreds of thousands of online viewers featured a fierce battle between Hyun, the Zerg terror, and Polt, America’s only remaining hope (and coincidentally enough our hometown hero). The tension was palpable in the moments before the Texan Terran (we totally need to start calling him that, just sayin’) snatched victory away from his opponent–the crowd uproarious in the moments after.

Despite being inundated by adoring fans, needing to fend off groping groupies, and generally finding himself overwhelmed following his dominating performance, Seong Hoon “Polt” Choi took some time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions for TeSPA.


TeSPA: First of all, congratulations on your incredible championship win this evening! Of course, this win comes at a time when you are balancing competitive play with your classes at the University of Texas at Austin. Is everyone else just not trying hard enough, or are you simply just that good?

Polt: I don’t think other players are not trying hard enough. Most of professional gamers are trying hard and do their best. However, I am also doing my best. Don’t forget I am on summer vacation right now!

TeSPA: How has your time in Texas and at UT Austin affected your interaction with your fans? Do you feel more like you are a representative of the USA when you go to events now?

Polt: For Korean fans, there is no idea like a Korean player is representing Korea because there are so many Korean players in the winners bracket. On the other hand, American fans want a player who is representing their country, so I’ll be happy if USA fans think I can do that. The fact I’m living in Texas right now affected my interaction so much. I don’t think I am a representative of the USA but I’ll be glad if USA fans cheer for me and think like that.

TeSPA: How has your interaction with crowds been influenced by your interaction with students on a campus as large as UT?

Polt: Talking to UT students made me confident to interact with English speaking crowds.

Polt Waving Flag

TeSPA: Would you consider staying in the USA after you complete school?

Polt: I have no idea, maybe not? I have to do military duty in Korea for 2 years.

TeSPA: How has TeSPA’s UT Austin branch influenced your playing? Has it pushed you to do better? Have you been able to make friends through that organization?

Polt: They’re good friends. Always glad to meet them and hang out but it’s not related to my gaming. Having a friend who is cheering for me is always very helpful.

TeSPA: Are there any aspects of university life that you think you miss out on because you have to devote time to practicing StarCraft? Is there anything about your academic life that you think has been improved because of that?

Polt: I experienced most things in university life because I was going to Seoul National University for 4 years. Being a professional gamer doesn’t improve any academic skills though.

We are very glad to have had the chance to speak to this Major League Gaming Champion! Be sure to check out his matches from this past weekend over at http://www.majorleaguegaming.com/.

Special thanks to Waytao Shing for the photos in this article. Be sure to follow MLG at @MLG on Twitter and #MLG on Facebook!


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