Partnership Unlocked: TeSPA and Blizzard Join Forces!

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TeSPA is pleased to announce that the organization’s founders, Adam and Tyler Rosen and Chris Kelly, have joined Blizzard Entertainment as official members of the company’s eSports team in a collaboration that will strengthen both organizations’ collegiate eSports initiatives. As part of a special arrangement with Blizzard, Adam, Tyler, and Chris will further focus their efforts around developing the expansive TeSPA network while also helping to tailor Blizzard’s own outreach initiatives.

Today’s announcement emphasizes the importance of TeSPA’s mission to accelerate and enhance the growth of grassroots gaming communities everywhere and reflects Blizzard’s ongoing dedication to supporting its passionate community of gamers and eSports fans.

“We’re extremely excited about this opportunity and the potential it has for making a meaningful impact on both our local university TeSPA chapters and eSports as a whole. Adam, Chris, and I are closely aligned with the very community-focused folks at Blizzard, and there is no doubt in my mind that great things lie ahead for everyone involved,” said Tyler Rosen.

TeSPA remains staunchly committed to providing unparalleled support to campus gaming communities across the nation regardless of which games they may play or events they may host. Blizzard shares TeSPA’s commitment to the grassroots scene and to further ingraining eSports into modern academic culture. Both organizations believe that a closer association will provide added benefits for local TeSPA chapters and will be actively working toward that goal—more news to come!

Interested in joining TeSPA as a member or Local Chapter? Click here to learn how to get involved.


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