Feb Highlights

February Highlights

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This February was one of the most productive and exciting months for TeSPA -our chapters ran the Love is in the Air Charity Tournament, we announced the Membership Milestones program, and UNCC Union Game Night. This is all on top of the multiple social media contests we ran to give away some of our accumulating swag!

The list goes on and on but we wanted to highlight a handful of items and their progress and/or impact on the community.


The University of North Carolina at Charlotte’s Union Game Night was a unique large scale LAN event that operated under a “Challenge Card System” handled by President Nicholas Ewing and officers. This was designed so that participants could collect physical cards while playing different games at the event. League of Legends, Pokémon X/Y, Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Hearthstone, Starcraft II, and many more games had challenges that could be completed for cards. Challenges could be as easy as “Win a game with Kirby” or as hard as “Win a ranked game with both a Mejai’s and a Sword of the Occult fully stacked.”
Overall gamers could win Expert Prizes or higher valued Legendary Prizes. Over $300 of TeSPA swag (gaming peripherals, gift cards, figurines, and smaller items) were donated to the event and distributed. No matter what cards you had, the participants still won with free goodies and Monster Energy drinks.

membership milestones progress

Earlier this year we announced the Membership Milestones program–an outlined, concise guarantee of structured benefits for both new and existing chapters. In the following weeks, over 50 chapter applications were submitted. From the pile, over 15 new TeSPA chapters have been added so far with more on the way.

Along with a growing list of chapters, the race to reach the 300 members milestones (the highest available at the moment) is already in the works. This unlocked benefit includes Special Guest Meet & Greet, Chapter Hall of Fame, and Swag Pack Reinforcements. TeSPA at UT Austin is currently about 20 members away from that achievement.
To entice members, UT Austin’s Financial Director Jeff Dolan has offered a discount for the Fall Semester. Although the reminder and deal were opportune for League of Legends player and new member Eric Gavilan, his reasons for joining were “the mixture of a great community and the need to further eSports.”

At The University of California at San Diego, plans have already been made for their benefits. “The banner will be really useful for event photos,” said President Kevin He. The chapter aims to recruit more members with their additional swag packs and custom table cloths.

As goals are being met, TeSPA is taking suggestions and ideas to add to the benefit list. Anyone with an idea or suggestions are encouraged to submit them here.

bradhonn This Fall semester, our chapter at The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) President Brad Honn personally met with the Assistant Director of Club Sports and UTSA’s Rec Sports to present his case: that their chapter was a qualified Recreational Sport. Factors that contributed to their argument:

  • The organization already had multiple teams that were consistently competing under the UTSA name against other universities both locally and nationally
  • One of the largest student-led organizations on campus
  • The honed skills, practice time, and equipment required to compete

TeSPA at UTSA achieved its goal in roughly six months.

Benefits of this recognition are unheard of for any collegiate eSports organization: a reserved room with proper equipment where their players can practice, ability to travel to regional tournaments, and financial relief. “If we were to host some type of open collegiate tournament, they would likely help fund and help organize that as well,” said Honn. University of Nevada at Reno (UNR) followed closely behind UTSA and achieved club sport status at their school just this past week! President Ian Stewart aims to use their new standing to reserve practice rooms, travel aid, and even support a local player’s scholarship application.

Several other universities such as South Illinois University at Edwardsville (SIUE) and University of California at Irvine (UCI) are also pursing sports recognition.


North American Collegiate Championships started with a pool of about 500 teams gathered from IvyLoL, Collegiate StarLeague (CSL), and North American Collegiate Open Qualifiers. From those summoners, 16 teams were chosen to battle for glory. With over $100,000 prize pool in scholarships and the chance to be on the big stage at League Championship Series, the competition was fierce. Of the final four, two were TeSPA supported colleges. Sergio’s Dream (San Jose State University) and Queen Gypsies (University of California Irvine) both gave stellar performances on stage in front of a live crowd. Although Blue Caster Minions (University of Washington) won the tournament, we are proud of their achievement and anticipate only better things to come.

To watch the intense action or see the brackets, click here.


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