Collegiate Hearthstone Open, $5000 in Scholarships, Free entry

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Calling all college Hearthstone players in North America! TeSPA is excited to announce the Collegiate Hearthstone Open! The tournament will bring together 512 college students from around North America to compete for the title of College Hearthstone Champion! The event will feature $5000 in scholarships, is entirely free to compete in, and will offer sets of 5 Hearthstone packs to ten lucky players at random just for participating.

The event will take place online up until the final four. The four players that advance to the semifinals will be flown to PAX East to compete for timeless glory across the land! We are thrilled to team up with Twitch to livestream all of the action straight from the Twitch booth at PAX.

The online portion of the event will happen on March 29th and March 30th. For full details and to register to compete, visit the event page! The deadline to register is March 27th.

Our sincere thanks to Twitch and Blizzard Entertainment for making this event possible.
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9 thoughts on “Collegiate Hearthstone Open, $5000 in Scholarships, Free entry

  1. I enter my email address (Northern Virginia CC) and it comes back saying that my email address isn’t a college email address. I of course checked all spelling and had no recourse. Please advice.

    • We had one issue this morning which kept a small list of universities off of the “white list.” However, we just pushed a fix live so you should be able to register now! If you are still having issues after that feel free to email admin@tespa.org and we’ll get you set up manually.

  2. Hi I,m havin problems to register to the tournament i’m trying to register from mexico but it says something about my email addres

  3. Hi, I’ve contacted Tespa Admin 8 days ago, received a small response and ever since, nothing.
    I’ve sent two follow-up emails to no avail.

    Any kind of info would be appreciated. Thanks

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