TeSPA at Quakecon 2014

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This was The eSports Association first official year attending Quakecon’s Expo Hall. The booth was designed for easy accessibility to any of the five stations setup with exclusive alpha access to Blizzard Entertainment’s Heroes of the Storm. The game was a prime example of the benefits of being a TeSPA chapter and acted as an easy segue into what exactly TeSPA does. Surrounding TeSPA members and interested gamers from the University of North Texas and University of Texas at Dallas also visited throughout the 3-day event.

Bottom photo credit to Owen “O1kenobi” Long.

BYOC attendees that were perhaps stretching their legs could also try their luck at winning prizes. Every hour a new winner was drawn to get an item from the mountain of loot on display. This was in addition to the grand prize giveaway where multiple items were raffled out on the Quakecon Exhibit Hall Stage. Ranging from as small as TeSPA-branded wristbands to limited edition Blizzcon 2009 Raynor Figurines -huge crowds gathered to see if lady luck would call their name onstage.


Among the plethora of feedback received, a redditor posted on the /r/Quakecon subreddit about his experience at the TeSPA booth. The post was completely unsolicited and deeply touched our staff. Seriously, we got the warm and fuzzies showing each other the thread.

University of Texas at Austin TeSPA member Edward So was one of those staff members. “Having done BYOC in the past, being an exhibitor this year gave me a different taste of what QuakeCon is about,” said So. “It was amazing talking to everyone who came by the TeSPA booth and getting a chance to interact with the community. Definitely looking forward to going again next year.”

A huge thank you to the Quakecon Staff and Volunteers who worked around the clock and made our visit so enjoyable. Next year’s Quakecon will be their 20 year anniversary, for more information about the franchise, visit their website.


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