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Amaz & Realz to Cast CHO 2 Finals at PAX Prime

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Well met!

We’re excited to see all your registrations flooding in, and we have great news to share!

Caster Announcement

Amaz and Realz, two prominent Hearthstone players and livestreamers, will be casting our Grand Finals! They will be joining us live at PAX Prime along with the 8 most talented college players in North America to provide coverage of the final clash on the Twitch Stage.

Want your games to be shout-casted by these awesome players? Want a chance at free card packs and a bunch of Hearthstone loot? You will be entered in the drawing for all this awesome swag just for participating in the tournament. So go ahead – we don’t mind if you ‘roll need’! Check out the Compete page for the full tournament and giveaway details.

Sign up for the tournament on

Make an account on to sign up!

Click the "Sign  Up" tab within the tournament page and then the big blue button to sign up!

Hit the “Sign Up” tab on the tournament page to join the battle!

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