TeSPA Hearthstone Card Back Unlocked!

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TeSPA has been delighted to see the groundswell of interest in Hearthstone among our college communities, and we were determined to find a way to support your (and our) new passion. With that in mind, TeSPA is excited to officially announce the addition of the TeSPA Hearthstone card back to our membership benefits!

As the first exclusive card back reward for Hearthstone, TeSPA members of our official university chapters will have the ability to meet the necessary requirements outside of Hearthstone, and find themselves rewarded with this awesome in-game goodie!

Hearthstone Cards PNGWe’re sure many of you are chomping at the bit to see this card back in your repertoire, so to get started, there’s just a few quick things to mention:

• The reward will be available to active members of TeSPA Local Chapters
• This card back is available to TeSPA members belonging to chapters with at least 25 members
• Official members will be able to claim this reward in “My TeSPA”, our dashboard for Local Chapters
• This reward becomes available Fall 2014

We’re incredibly excited to bring you this beautiful Hearthstone card back, and want to give a big thanks to Blizzard for this valuable and innovative support for the collegiate ecosystem. Stay tuned for more great news, rewards, and benefits for you and your local TeSPA chapter!


69 thoughts on “TeSPA Hearthstone Card Back Unlocked!

  1. What if I go to a really small college without enough people to have the right people to start a chapter like this? I go to Saint Anselm College and I was in the Hearthstone Coligiate last month.

  2. So after a quick read, does it means that only the people within the USA will be able to get this card, am i right? if i am, then, well… this sucks.

        • The original question was “Does it means that only the people within the USA will be able to get this card?” So Valerie saying that it is in Canada as well is answering John Silver’s question considering the fact that Canada isn’t part of the USA. Your statement is out of place here because no one asked anything about the world.

          • I’m not really addressing the previous posters per se, but rather the thought process of North American companies: “we only need to cover USA and maybe some parts of Canada with bonus stuff, the rest of the world can live with whatever bone we throw them.”

          • Well why are you grouping two countries together? If it is because they are in NA then Mexico should be included as well. I don’t think that people should be assuming that TeSPA is only appealing to NA and will have other countries just deal with it. Since the whole thing was starting in Texas, it would be logical that it would START in America but that doesn’t mean it won’t eventually spread to other countries. If people in other countries want this that badly they can start a branch of this organization or even make one of their own in their country.

          • Did you even read my post? I said it is understandable to start in the country or region that the organization was created in but that doesn’t mean that other countries can’t do the same thing. I am pretty sure that if I was “trolling” I wouldn’t be providing this much information to support my claim. Please provide useful posts next time instead of pointless posts that only throw mud.

          • Dude…America is a country, it is an alternative way of saying USA. I think you are thinking of North America, which is the continent there is a difference…”lol.”

          • Technically, the united states of America is a country, formed on one of two american continents. “America” alone is not a country, it is a combination of two continents named america. “‘lol'”

          • Primal, that would actually be the “Americas”. It includes NA, CA and SA.

          • Guys you’re funny. First this talk begins with people envying a pinkish cardback for a Heroes of WARcraft game that is only available to collegeboys and -girls and is not really too cool or beautiful.
            And then it ends with a debate what America is. I mean: I cannot pay or buy THAT. YOU guys are really serious exclusive entertainment to me by writing all this. ;-)
            Thank you! And please don’t be sad too long about a PINK WARCRAFT game cardback ;-)

          • He is incredibly far from what you would consider trolling. He’s informing and perhaps debating, in a civilized manner to boot. You’re trolling by posting what you did :p

  3. Can community colleges participate or is it exclusive to universities? It’s definitely sounding like it’s a university exclusive…

    • A lot of TeSPA’s chapters are community colleges and they are free to redeem this benefit. This card back is one of many ways TeSPA supports the collegiate eSports community.

  4. It’s a card back, not a card, so you won’t be missing out on anything that affects your gameplay. That’s kind of the point of card backs.

    Don’t be upset. It’s not just that you have to USA. You have to be a college student at a college or university that has a TeSPA chapter, or you have to be organized enough to form a new TeSPA chapter at your school. Those of us for whom college is a long-past dream are also ineligible. Too bad, because this is a nicer card back than the Blizzcon one, IMO.

    Oh, well, grats to the TeSPA members who do get it. :)

  5. There are a lot of disappointed people in the Hearthstone community who feel like they should also have a chance to collect this cardback. One solution is a small donation to the TeSPA to allow non members a chance to get it. I think that makes everyone happy. Is this a possibility?

  6. If you want to try to get this card back you can join my Chapter. I just started it, I am hoping that it’ll work so we can get the card back. It says at least 25 members. So I need 24 other people to join my chapter, which is under review right now. But the way you have to do it is to sign up using a school assigned email from my college. The domain name is “”. For example “”. I am sure there are websites to create email accounts with whatever domain name you want. So find a website like that, make an email address with at the end of it. And then sign up for my chapter. It isn’t activated yet I don’t think. So you’ll have to wait. But once they verify it and whatnot you should be able to go to the website, find the chapters, then look for the one that is in Greenfield Massachusetts. Greenfield Community College is the college. Good luck, hope this works guys.

  7. I want this card back, because it is purple and AWESOME LOOKING, but it looks like it is only for college kids :(
    Is there going to be a way for adults to obtain this totally awesome purple card back?? If there isn’t going to be, Blizzard is going to have some pretty upset adult players I’d imagine.

    • the Exclusive cardback is a joke when i see koreans and full time streamers that we know are not in college or involved with tespa running it. If you really want it just buy it on ebay,

  8. Im from Germany but i want to collect this cardback too. Is there really no possibliity except singn in.

    Give a donation maybe?

  9. How much did you pay for this advertisement…. only like a sliver of hearthstone players will be able to obtain this cardback, and yet a vast majority of the playerbase will look up what your company actually is (like myself) >.>

  10. Fuck all of you. This is only a fucking cardback, but why is only exclusive for a buch of douchebags like you? Why I have to know NOW who are you? This is completely irrelevant with the game

  11. I see that this card back is listed as a giveaway for those attending the heroes of the dorm finals…The article above says it is EXCLUSIVE. KEEP IT THAT WAY. The people who have it earned it. Don’t make it a free giveaway and go back on your word. TeSPA members paid you dues with that card back being a motivating factor in increasing chapter membership. By giving it away free you take away incentives to become or stay a paying member of your organization.

    • I’m pretty sure you have to be in the USA or Canada and a college student to be a part. Sorry man, i don’t believe there is another way to join. :(

      • Yeah, you’d have to travel to America or Canada and find a college with a TeSPA program and join them. Unless, like some people talked about above, you start your own TeSPA chapter down in Brazil.

  12. I’ve read almost all the comments and everyone says that only college kids in America can get the card back?

  13. Hello, I am from the Ukraine wanted to get a shirt from the game Heartnstone. Is that possible? If so, how is do it.Evropeysky server.

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