Blizzcon 2014 Collegiate Meet & Greet

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splashImagine the frenzied buzz of conversation as crowds of the top college influencers discuss plans for global eSports domination – or at least campus domination. Every once in awhile near big gaming conventions, TeSPA holds a get together for both current chapters and neighboring collegiate communities. With plenty of food, a few drinks, and great company – it is the perfect atmosphere to talk eSports.

rudyOn November 6th, TeSPA held its first Collegiate Meet and Greet at Blizzcon 2014 at Hilton Anaheim in California. For most attendees, it was their first time seeing other TeSPA chapters or collegiate meetup. For others like California State University at Long Beach’s Rudy Delgado it was “an opportunity to clear up informalities and doubts the club or myself may have had about TeSPA.” Along with two other leaders at CSULB, Delgato spoke with TeSPA and other attending chapters.

“I like to build relationships with the things I involve myself with,” said Delgado. “I saw it as another opportunity to network and get to know the personality of the staff.” During this particular event, current TeSPA chapters (University of California at Irvine, University of Texas, University of California at Santa Cruz, University of California at San Diego, University of Nevada, Orange Coast College, and Montana State University to name a few) along with attendees were free to join others in games of BANG!:Heroes of the Storm or Cards Against Humanity. Particularly lucky-feeling gamers could also try to complete a quest to win Blizzard Developers-signed Heroes of the Storm posters and mechanical keyboards. We had a blast creating these quest cards and fully anticipate doing just as awesome activities for future meetups.

Past meetups have been held at PAX Prime, Pax East, and MLG Anaheim but we’re all ears for suggested future meetups! Visit the TeSPA facebook page and @TeamTeSPA to contact us or find out when our next meetup is!


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