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TeSPA to host the 2015 NACC Qualifiers!

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Warriors of the League, come forth! Our team is proud to announce that we will be hosting the qualifiers for the North American Collegiate Championship (NACC) this year! College teams from around the country will fight through our interactive tournament bracket for a chance to win a spot in this season’s playoffs and compete for $360,000 in scholarships at the NACC Grand Championship.

Starting January 20th, schools can sign up via our tournament portal at to compete in the qualifiers. Sign-ups, brackets, and enrollment verification can all be managed through Compete, and schools can register an unlimited number of teams! Winners of the qualifiers will move on to the playoffs, and the top four finalists will secure a spot in the 2015 North American Collegiate Championship!

The NACC qualifier begins on February 14th. For questions about our Compete Portal, please contact You can also visit Riot’s NACC Announcement Post for more information.

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20 thoughts on “TeSPA to host the 2015 NACC Qualifiers!

  1. Top Main, Sophmore at Central Michigan Univ. Add me: WukongTopOnly . Name is troll i know Plat 2 . Can also play support.

  2. Sponsoring a team our of Huntsville, TX with corporate sponsorship pending. If you are in the area we will be having on site practice w/ and w/o the coach. The coach’s have been around the League scene for 10yrs combined. We are working with the sponsors to cover all cost. Bring your best strats and send me a message if you can tryout! IGN: RACCOONofDOOM can’t wait to get the best of TX together. Best of Luck and Go Bearkats

  3. sophomore at Daytona State College (DSC) looking for a team. Add me on League of Legends user name is shadowxeye

  4. From Houston/Beaumont area Freshman at Lamar State College Port Arthur. Looking to coach a team. Add me in game for inquiries. IGN: xCriteria

  5. My Summoner Name is Engulfing Amoeba and my nickname is Amoeba go figure. Anyways Im wooden 5 but have been told Im like Master splinter of the wood division. Message me if you would like to know more.

  6. Anyone looking for a jungler, add Jokerxx52. I’m Bronze but I can play like a gold, I promise. If not just give me a shout, you can see what I can do in a game.

    IGN- Jokerxx52

  7. Hello, I have already sign up for this tournament, but the school section is still unknown. Is it wrong and how to fix it, because we are from the Green River Community College.

  8. S4 Gold V Mid Laner (didnt get carried to G5) looking to join a team (willing to play any other role if necessary). Preferably groups with the “experience” of Gold or Higher. I am a STUDENT AT UT AUSTIN. My summoners name is ZaneProdigy. I highly encourage that you run a few games with me to get a better grasp on my skill level rather than based on my rank from the previous season. My email is also in case you’re unable to reach me otherwise. Thank you.

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