Announcing the Regional Coordinator Program!

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We’re excited to announce that this school year, TeSPA will be moving towards a regional program. Our current nation-wide chapters will be organized into one of four regions (West, South, East, or North) in order to facilitate easier and more complete communication. These communities will also be the focus of a new chapter in TeSPA’s growth.

As a result, we’re also beyond ecstatic to introduce Regional Coordinators (RC) to the growing support staff and family here at TeSPA. These RC’s will be directed with overseeing each region’s growth and expansion, and tasked with taking care of the chapters therein. They will also be the next step in communication, as TeSPA looks to personalize the attention and feedback it gives to its chapters. RCs will also be the point of contact for a Regional LAN project we are rolling out this fall!

These regions, and consequently the Regional Coordinators associated with them, are of great import to us here at TeSPA. With that said, applications for this position are being opened for the next three weeks, meaning they close on the 28th of this month at 5:00 PM. The individuals chosen to pursue these positions will shape the direction of Collegiate eSports in the year to come. These will be paid positions, and we’re looking for the best of the best to fill them. If you think that you can be that person — or know someone else who can — then please apply!

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