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Tespa Summer Chapter Application Open Until June 12th!

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The Tespa Summer Application period* is closing on June 12th at 11:59pm PDT! If you’re the leader of a collegiate gaming club on your college campus, or a member of a college campus that doesn’t have a local Tespa chapter yet, make sure you or your local chapter leader submits an application before the deadline to be eligible for our chapter and member benefits program rewards. For more information about the Tespa chapter program, check out our What is Tespa page.

Tespa Chapter Application Portal:
(Open to all colleges and universities in US and Canada)
TeSPA Application Portal

Special Note for Summer 2016: We will begin contacting applicants no earlier than May 2nd. You may not receive an immediate response for your application due to end-of-year activities for the national organization, but we will get to you as soon as possible in the early part of Summer!


After the Summer Application period closes, we will no longer be accepting chapter applications until Winter 2016. This allows our community team to focus on growing existing chapters and regions with our support programs at the beginning of the academic year. We encourage prospective chapters to research Tespa’s requirements and build on their chapter’s leadership and organizational experience between application periods to streamline their application and interview process. During the semester, prospective chapter leaders or applicants can submit contact info in order to receive a notice when the next application period begins as well.


If you have questions about the application process, how to get your chapter involved, what our member benefits are, or anything related to collegiate gaming, shoot us a message or an email below:

Twitter: @teamtespa


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