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Kick the Fall Semester Off in Style with Gunnar Optiks!

Fall is kicking off and our collegiate network is bigger than ever! In 2013, we saw TeSPA’s flagship chapters emerge from the collegiate landscape as leaders and entrepreneurs of the gaming craft, building epic entertainment events at colleges across North America. This year, we’re doubling our efforts! TeSPA is proud to announce a national partnership ... Read More
J!NX Banner

TeSPA and J!NX team up to help you gear up!

TeSPA is pleased to announce a great new partnership with J!NX – the premier online shop for awesome gaming and geek apparel! Moving forward, this means that J!NX will be TeSPA’s exclusive source for all of the clothing, gaming goodies, and geek merchandise you can imagine. By working together, we hope to be able to ... Read More

TeSPA Seeks Summer Interns!

TeSPA is seeking several enthusiastic, highly ambitious, and self-driven students to join our team for a compelling eight week summer internship program. This program is designed to give students a hands-on opportunity to work with our team as we develop strategic initiatives and pursue tangible projects which will ensure that the 2014-2015 academic year is ... Read More

Collegiate Hearthstone Open, $5000 in Scholarships, Free entry

Calling all college Hearthstone players in North America! TeSPA is excited to announce the Collegiate Hearthstone Open! The tournament will bring together 512 college students from around North America to compete for the title of College Hearthstone Champion! The event will feature $5000 in scholarships, is entirely free to compete in, and will offer sets ... Read More

Claim Prizing for your Reaper of Souls College Launch Event

We are working with Blizzard Entertainment to select 50 groups with great ideas for Diablo III: Reaper of Souls launch events. We will be supporting the selected groups with a Treasure Pack of prizes to use as giveaways at their launch events! Treasure Packs include a Reaper of Souls Collector’s Edition signed by the Diablo ... Read More

TeSPA Goes International – Welcome Canada!

Last September, TeSPA expanded past its humble roots in Texas to include schools from California to the Carolinas and everything in between. While it has been incredibly fulfilling (but by no means simple!) to connect at such a fundamental level with such a diverse group of universities within the United States, we simply could not ... Read More