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BlizzCon 2015 Viewing Party Supply Drop

Interested in hosting a BlizzCon viewing party at your Tespa Chapter? With less than a month to go until this year’s BlizzCon on November 6th and 7th, we’ve teamed up with Blizzard Entertainment to assemble thirty (30) BlizzCon Viewing Party Supply Drops filled with awesome items to give away at your event. Each drop will ... Read More

Website Level Up!

We are excited to release a brand new way to customize your chapter website. Compared to the traditional theme, the new WordPress theme is easier to set up, simpler to maintain, and can be quickly customized to match your school colors with practically no web programming experience. It only takes about 15 minutes to set ... Read More

TeSPA Hearthstone Card Back Unlocked!

TeSPA has been delighted to see the groundswell of interest in Hearthstone among our college communities, and we were determined to find a way to support your (and our) new passion. With that in mind, TeSPA is excited to officially announce the addition of the TeSPA Hearthstone card back to our membership benefits! As the ... Read More

TeSPA at Quakecon 2014

This was The eSports Association first official year attending Quakecon’s Expo Hall. The booth was designed for easy accessibility to any of the five stations setup with exclusive alpha access to Blizzard Entertainment’s Heroes of the Storm. The game was a prime example of the benefits of being a TeSPA chapter and acted as an ... Read More

Hearthstone Fireside Gatherings

Fireside Gatherings are Hearthstone-focused events that may feature a tournament, trivia, or deck building. Each gathering had TeSPA-sent Hearthstone mugs, shirts, poster, and various other swag items. At the TeSPA University of California San Diego Fireside Gathering, gamers munched on complimentary Round Table Pizza and left with their very own poster -this was in addition ... Read More

Spring Highlights

As the Spring semester comes to a close, a plethora of TeSPA chapters decided to go out with a roaring bang. Whether it was hosting their first collaborative LAN or their last Clash of the cowboys, lasting memories were produced and friendships accumulated. This is but a small batch of events we’re proud to showcase. ... Read More